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Investment and Crowdfunding

Thank you for having an interest in the AINC family of companies.

All of the AINC companies are privately held, but there are a number of investment opportunites. The difficulty is that various financial regulators are reasonably concerned to prevent scam artists from bleed people's bank accounts dry. For that reason, AINC is careful to provide full disclosures and require careful screening of interested parties.

One alternative that is still being set up is a crowdfunding offer on Indiegogo that we've started.

Crowdfunding is a donation mechanism where people can make donations that are small enough to not hurt the wallet but can actually help meet a goal. In some cases like what we're thinking we can actually sell you something of great value which, with a bit of extra donation give value to the people you're helping, too.

SohoStar Rwanda

One problem that we had with SohoStar Rwanda's project was that the cost to initiate a manufacturing run was too much for a new product in a disadvantaged country. Using the model that the One Laptop Per Child organization initiated, is to sell 2 devices to people with one going to the purchaser and the other going towards Rwandan children.

One way to accomplish our goals of providing equipment and services in Rwanda is to take donations for two Akanyana phones and a USB or RJ-45 wireless node. The Goal then is to return the USB node that plugs into your broadband modem and an Akanyana phone and you've got a global telephone.

Once the Akanyana phone is purchased, voice and unlimited texting are free. So what happens to the second phone? It goes to Rwanda. (now think of this). In a country where the per capita income is $1000/yr, people can't afford to buy phones, let alone pay normal cell bills. Here is an opportunity for $20 or more to help build out the network in Rwanda AND enable people to have basic phone communications that have never had a phone ever.

There are a lot of factors involved to be ethical and do this project right, so we haven't put the Indiegogo project up yet. But we will.

Just to let you know that if you are a legitimate investor that you believe you would qualify as a passive investor, please send an email to PRCOMM (at) with “Invest” in the Subject. We'd love to talk to you about the global opportunities to help people and make money at the same time.

Otherwise, you can follow us on twitter at digitaldialtone, or follow the blog at and look for announcements.