Welcome to SohoStar

Pardon our Dust! We’re Under Construction!!

If you are looking for The Red Pill® Brand, you’ve found us!!

In April-May 2023 SohoStar will be announcing a number of new products which includes secure tokens, phones, edge devices, enterprise platforms, and many new support sites and services to enable Small Offices, Home Offices and residential applications and services.

SohoStar is a digital services company with content networking products, hosting and distribution services. Our flagship product is a battery backed up – fault tolerant – personal multimedia communication device. The Queb™ device (formerly known as The Red Pill PCS) has been engineered as an intelligent gateway to provide multiple applications including Medical Monitoring, Secure Telecommunications supporting Telemedicine, Distance Learning, Distributed work force, Co-worker Collaboration, and other work product related applications. Further information can be found here: https://theredpill.us

It is more than an Internet server on the edge of your home or small business network.

The product is the mainstream of Home and Enterprise in the Small Office – Home Office market. Any networking product exposed to the Internet which is transporting sensitive HIPAA data, Life-support management, Business security and data networking, let alone pictures, comments, posts, and associations requires Smart Applications as well as state-of-the-art cyber security defenses in Domain Name Services, Cyber-Security threat scoring and management, and Communications management in a central single point of access.

Fifth which is our Social Media Application and control panel is a complete Facebook replacement which keeps your information off of third party servers where your information is not protected.

Whether your family pictures, social interaction, work phone calls, email, or data, SohoStar is working to providing networking on your terms, that fits your budget, with the best security at a sensible price.