The SohoStar Corporation is privately held division of Advanced Intelligent Networks Corporation (AINC) formed in 2004 to launch a triple play media service over DSL.

In 2008-9, AINC took on a project to develop a Communications Network Solution for the Government of Rwanda. AINC developed a design for a High Speed Not-line-of-site radio modem, while SohoStar engineered a Rwanda National Network covering 11,000 sqmi (almost the size of the state of Maryland). The estimated cost to implement the entire project was under $500,000, which is slightly higher than a single commercial cellular tower at that time.

AINC / SohoStar’s Mission

Our mission is to provide tools and services to enable individuals to rise up in their creator’s given gifts, and to do so without restrictions of social bias.

To Do this, we develop tools and infrastructure that allow individuals to earn revenue on their own terms, in their own Liberty, and without vultures exploiting an individual’s value.

SohoStar’s Products and Services

After a devastating product launch in 2019 where financial institutions limited or revoked financial and business loans, we were a direct target of cancellation: Social media accounts deleted, crowd funding campaigns unjustly terminated, DNS cache poisoning, and blocked access to our domains and store.

We know first hand what it means to be ghosted, and the devastation to our friends, family, and reputations, simply by trying to provide individuals with the opportunity to build a business and life that IS the American Dream.